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In subspace, you can hire multiple software developers who work together


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Today, companies hire freelancers in a vacuum

subspace allows many developers to work together

In Subspace, you hire groups of developers who work together


Eradicate technical debt


Multiple freelancers review and vote on code. The best ideas and decisions rise to the top

Identify top talent


It’s a hiring platform, but also a work platform. We use real work data to improve matches

Increase software quality


We believe humans are the best judges of quality. We use experts to evaluate code

Unlike Stack Overflow, discussions and work happen in the same place

Unlike UpWork, there’s no need to search for the right developer

Unlike an in-house development team, everything is peer reviewed


How it works


When many developers peer-review each others’ work, you build software right the first time around know exactly how talented each developer is


Our story

In the sweltering summer of 2016, Joe Corey, then technical lead at, paused work to wonder: Why do bad decisions get made? What leads groups of well-intentioned people commit flawed code and spend years paying down technical debt?

He built his own skill-weighted decision software, based partly on competitive chess rankings, for groups of people to come to good decisions quickly. He named it Subspace, after the Star Trek method for faster than light communication, and it evolved into the platform that allows hundreds of remote developers to collaborate and for the best ideas to win.

Chris joined the project in 2018. As a former freelancer, he’s acutely aware that the gig economy isn’t working for most people and is excited to pioneer a new, better way for remote developers to level up and get paid. Whereas other freelancing platforms are built to maximize shareholder profit at the expense of long-term growth, Subspace is built to maximize quality code and benefit users.

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Joe Corey

CEO and founder

Chris Gillespie

Head of Growth


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The pitch: On Subspace, swarms of freelance software developers produce high quality code on demand.

The team is based in NYC with developers all around the world

Questions? Contact Chris Gillespie, Head of Growth,

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