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We make freelancing improbably easy

Join the Subspace collective to build software, level up, and get paid

 How it works

freelance software development subspace

1. Clients post projects

Create a profile, find a project, join it.

write discuss and vote on code freelance developer subspace

2. Write, discuss, and vote on code

Subspace’s algorithm enforces the world’s first idea meritocracy. Votes are weighted by actual skill. You build reputation and community.

freelance software development subspace

3. When you improve the code, you get paid

Upvote good code? Get paid. Downvote bad ideas? Paid. Say smart things? Payments.

Basically, get paid to level-up ⚡️

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The future of software is freelance


Learn and improve 🏫

Build a reputation 🏅

Get paid for code, not time 💵


Work on your schedule ⏳

Instant feedback 👌

Grow with the community 🌱

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It’s the future of hiring diversity

There are no resumes, no recruiters, no technical interviews, and no questions about how many golfballs it’d take to fill a school bus. Just reputation and results.

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 Why not try and see?

Build things. Level up. Get paid.

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