About Subspace

joe and chris subspace

We’re the engineer’s engineering platform

We exist to help great engineers make a living doing what they love. We’ve both been freelancers and we know what that life is like. Our North Star metric is becoming the de facto community where developers find purpose, get paid, and level up as software development goes remote.

A bit about us

Joe’s been writing code for over a decade. He’s got a background in neuroscience, data, and game theory vis a vis some serious poker skills. He’s worked at Mic.com, Unchained Capital, and InfoChimps.

Chris is into marketing, sales, and books. So many books. He founded a B2B marketing agency called Find A Way Media and before that, worked at Marketo, TechValidate, and AT&T.

Why the name?

It’s inspired by science fiction.

sub·space /ˈsəbspās/ noun : A hypothetical space-time continuum used for communication at a speed faster than that of light.

Our platform is an alternate reality where the rules of how work is normally done are suspended. It incentivizes and enables thousands of freelancers to work together cooperatively and to get paid the value of their work. Outside, life’s unfair. Inside Subspace, true meritocracy reigns. You really have to see it to believe it.