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a hypothetical space-time continuum used for faster-than-light communication

An example scenario: Acme company needs to roll out their new software product within 4 weeks in order to start charging customers, and to meet their revenue goals for the year. It’s an impossibly short time-frame given the scope, and spending more money on outside developers won’t get them there more quickly.

Perhaps you’ve heard of the ‘mythical man-month’ - the idea that adding more developers to an existing project actually slows it down, due to communication overhead and ramp-up time. However, this problem is not a universal constant, it exists only because we programmers haven’t figured out an efficient organizational strategy.

Nature is a master at efficiency and optimization. For decades, researchers have studied swarm intelligence in ants and bees, which has served as inspiration for whole classes of algorithms. Each individual insect operates under a simple set of rules, but as a colony they exhibit an intelligence far greater than the sum of their parts. Developers have yet to find a simple set of rules - an organizational framework under which they can operate - to overcome inefficiencies in communication.

Subspace is that framework.

Subspace is a web application for both open-source and private projects. Customers define their product requirements, and developers break down those requirements into smaller and smaller building blocks for other developers to tackle. It’s a distributed and flexible framework that involves skill-based user reputations (not participation-based), collaboration, and meritocratic voting. Developers act as code producers and quality filters so that only the best code is incorporated into the project.

Swarm-build your software in record time on Subspace.

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